Access and Map

Address of  Masjid Tsukuba :
Postal Code: 300-2662, Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba city, Kaname 315-10 Phone: +81-29-864-3235
[Contact by phone is not recommended please use Fax or e-mail instead]
Or send email to masjidtsukuba [at] gmail [dot] com

Bank Account

Bank Account details of Tsukuba Islamic Association (TIA):
Joyo Bank

KenkyuGakuentoshi Branch (Branch Code 104)
Account # Futsu 3395876
Tsukuba Isulamu Kyoukai

Bus route

From Tsukuba Center to Masjid

1) Take Bus No.71 in Terminal No.5

Senta to Masjid_1


Schedule as follows:


Schedule Bus 71 Weekdays to Kinen Byouin


Schedule Bus 71 Weekend to Kinen Byouin

2) Stop at Kinen Byouin Bus Stop

Senta to Masjid_2Senta to Masjid_3

From Masjid to Tsukuba Center

1) Go to Family Mart near Kinen Byouin

Masjid to Senta_1

Masjid to Senta_2


Schedule Bus No.71 To Tsukuba Senta


9 Comments on “Access and Map

  1. mohammad sham

    i am in narita airport. where is the nearest masjid that i can go to perform Jumaat prayer today? i am staying in Crown Plaza Hotel Near Narita Airport.


    i am staying in tsukuba university hospital. where is the nearest masjid that i can go to perform Jumaat prayer today ?

  3. Dr. fazel jiffry nouman

    Dear brother in islam,

    I am Dr.Fazel Jiffry Nouman Working as intern medical officer Navinna Ayurvedic Research Institute fro Srilanka. i am an unani medical graduate in University of Colombo SRILANKA. i wish to come japan for herbal related job. also i am here practising PROPHETIC MEDCINE in 2yrs. in face book have my clinic page about Hijama. . I WISH TO PROMOTE THE MEDICINE FROM JAPAN. nowadays SRILANKAN GOVERNMENTS GIVING VISA ACCORDING TO INVITATION OF JAPAN. i wish and promised if your organization help me to come japan i would like to give my service to you. Still i have 7 month to work from institute. insha allah i will hope possitive answer from your organization.

    Wassalam by

  4. Imran


    I shall be visiting Tsukuba for 5 days from in May. I shall be staying at the frontier Okura hotel. Can any one please inform me about the nearest mosque and halal restaurants (if I am not asking for too much – Pakistani, indian Halal food will be preferred).


  5. マハッマアド

    this directions is confusing , it tried to go by bus for jumaa , but i couldnt because the map and the bus route at the bus station are different can you please update ,not everyone speaks japanese a more detailed information will be usefull.not everyone speaks urdu or bangladi or indonesian or malayu either.

  6. musthaq fairoz

    Assalamu alaikum…i am living in ishige, joso shi…which is the nearest mosque to me? and is there facilities for ladies to pray eid? please let me know … i am new to this area..

    jazakallah khair

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