Eidul Adha Prayer, Jum’ah October 26

By   October 20, 2012

Assalamu’alaykum Dear Brs and Srs.

May Allah SWT makes every easiness for us to conduct all the best good and righteous deeds during these first ten days of Dzulhijjah as it had been exemplified by our beloved Rasulallahu SAW.

In reference to the announcement from Islamic Center of Japan, the Eidul Adha will be next week, on Friday, 26 Oct 2012. [Ref: http://islamcenter.or.jp/]

Eidul Adha Prayer will be started at 7.15 am.

Van pick up for Eidul Adha Prayer, leave tsukuba center at 6:50.

Jazakumullahu khoiron katsiro.
Wish you all barokah from Allah SWT.

Brotherly yours,

One Comment on “Eidul Adha Prayer, Jum’ah October 26

  1. md nadeem akhtar

    i want 2 know that how i can prayer 4 jumah & eidul adha prayer

    i am working in kashmigura hitachi plant
    but tomm my duty time is 7:50am to 4:45pm plz help my accomodetion is khandustu station near tomm is eidul adha if possibal if any masjid namaz if erly before 7:00 then if not then what i do
    27/10/12 is my holiday plz rply me i m waiting

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