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  1. Oum Michket

    as sallam alikoum,

    I m a muslim french women
    I m in Tsukuba for a few days and I m looking for muslim women to talk about islam in Japan, etc, know more about islam life in Japan, where can we, my husband and I, find halal food ?
    Baraka Allahou Fikoum
    As sallam alikoum
    Oum Michket

    1. Shimaa

      Dear Sister,
      send me email (madelingirly@hotmail.com)
      and I can help you
      Best regards

    2. Sari Okano

      wa’alaikum salam warohmatulah wabarokatuh,
      I’m muslimah from Indonesia, stay in Japan at Ibaraki Preff about 18 th until now, I can help you find the Muslim shop or halal food. for example at Tsukuba you can find Halal Sosis ( Franks) Chicken at Alis’s Kebab Restaurant ( Iranian Restaurant), They sell some Halal Food. Or you can find Halal Chicken at Joy Full Honda Home center in Japan Meet Supermarket ( Arakawaoki area).

      1. nusaybah

        salam…sister …may i get your email as i want to visit japan and hopefully i can know more …thank you ..

      2. Leonardy Tan

        Hi Sari, Saya dari Indonesia juga sekarang tinggal di Tsukuba, Ibaraki. Sari boleh saya minta emailnya? Thanks.

      3. Diana Salleh

        assalamualaikum Sari Okano,

        Where is actually Tsukuba, me and family we are from Malaysia and planing to visit Osaka, Kyoto next April 2014, because off prayer time to early we hope we cant find masjid in time and so we dont have to go back to our hotel to pray. We can safe time and also our budget transportation.

        Thank you

        1. Sari

          Tsukuba is in Ibaraki preff ( Kanto Area ) from Osaka is very far, but you can go to mesjid in Osaka , here : Osaka Ibaraki Mosque. 4-6-13, Toyokawa, Ibaraki City , Osaka , Japan. Tel/Fax: 0726-43-7420

  2. admin Post author

    Alaikum salam.

    Ahlan wasahlan. I will forward your message to others muslimah.

    1. jameel zaidan

      dear Muslim admin

      you can help me ?

      please connect me on the mail

      keep well

  3. Yasser

    Dear Oum Michket

    Welcome to Tsukuba International city,

    Actually , i would like to tell you that also on Saturday evening between 7 and 9:30 , some of muslim brothers and sister came and make some activities, as well as we have school for children , so you and your husband can find many muslims at that day

    I wish that you could make more relation with other women in Tsukuba

    Best Regards

  4. Khan M.

    Is there any affordable international school in Tsukuba? I read about Tsukuba International School (TIS), but it is very expensive.


  5. sadia

    WAlaikum salam
    Mr.Khan M.Liberty international school is best and affordable.its also in tsukuba.my kids are studying in this school.if u want to take more information about school can contact to my husband…cell no:08021824335

  6. Ohta Ryna

    Assalamualaikum, I am muslim woman from Malaysia, Staying in Tokyo & looking for muslimah friends to learn & etc. Please guide me. Thank you

  7. Abu-aiyoob


    I am Thai living in Bangkok Thailand with my wife and 2 sons (10,7). I am intereated in asian muslim lives of non muslim country, Japan is also one of attention. It would be better if admin posts more update activity’s pictures. I also welcome someone who would like to get me muslim movement news overthere. I keep in touch this web.

    Best regards

  8. ajidan abu yamin

    Salam to all brother and sister in japan

    i just ordinary person with a few question which come how “they can manage it” esspecially Japan people full with traditional method and technology

    i have a questions and i hope i can get the best answer from people of sun rise country.

    How does islamic japan community attach the islam practitioner in the younger age? (method)

    In the community how other children accept the islamic children in education system?

    how the japanese education system accept the islamic practitioner (example : teacher need room for solat)

    how student engagement in islamic education and knowledge?

  9. Imene

    Salam alaykoum,

    I am a French muslim woman and I started to learn Japanese. I would be really happy to exchange and learn about the daily life of Japanese muslim women. I am 33 years old, married with 2 children, living in Algiers for the moment. I find Japanese culture very interesting and travelling to Japan is one of my dreams.
    Is any of you interested? ^^

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