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  1. Jamillah Mahilum

    Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatou,i was cameback here in japan last february of this year,i was attend jummuah at Tsukuba Mosque last year but only twice because no muslimah at that time coz of earthquake and im always alone and im afraid so i stop going to mosque.The holy month of Ramadan is coming but i cannot afford to goto mosque to attend Taraweeh because i was delivered my baby last may of this year,i was looking for muslimah sister to help me improve my knowledge about Islam i was converted last year i have many question but sometimes its very hard to find the rigth answer at the internet Insha’Allah i can meet a muslimah through this,May Allah (swt) bless our effort,Jazak Allahu Kairan.

  2. habis alazzam

    sister god will help all of us i am muslim from jordan i coming to japan end of jun this year inshallah i will meet yoiu if you like we can discuss muslim way inshallah

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