June 02, 2018

Donation campaign update 2018/06/01

Alhamdullilah, We got a boost this week. Now we only need 33% from the total of cost. Please donate and share.  

July 21, 2014

[DRL-24] Do not harm yourself, Do not harm others

DRL is a (short) Daily Ramadhan Lecture which was delivered by Br. Mohamed Khalil [Imam of Masjid Tsukuba] during tarawih prayer break. The 22-th day lecture was about ” Do not harm yourself, Do not harm any other people, La darara wala dirar (لا ضرر ولاضرار) ”

April 22, 2014

Soul Journey

Every soul will face the same journey. Here is some brief explanation from start until akhirah. [gview file=””]

April 22, 2014

Daily Muslim – Worship Plan

Have you prioritize your pray time? How to make Islam not only as religion but also as lifestyle? Here is a good way to made your day! [gview file=””]

July 09, 2013

The Truth About Islam: Japanese TV Channel – English Subtitle

Recently Japanese people are wondering with image of Islam due to they always hear and watch from news about Islam which is conceived by terrorism, self-destruction, bomb, and violence. However, the fact is NOT true. To clarify that issue, a senior journalist, Ikegami Akira, did reporting directly to Saudi Arabia as Islam country representative. Click