April 24, 2020

TIA Food Box

During the time of crisis , it is tempting to think, It is difficult to give charity. However, in this time, we need more solidarity and support between Muslim community in special and all Tsukuba resident community in general. We prepared a box in front of Tsukuba Masjid’s main door for our dear brothers and

April 23, 2020

Ramadhan Announcement 1441 (2020M)

Assalamualaikum, We are pleased to announce that, Ru’yat Alhilal Committee of Japan has announced, as today new moon was sighted in Malaysia, tomorrow Friday 24th April 2020 is the first day of Ramadan. We like to congratulate all Muslims Ramadhan Mubarak As we are under Corona virus pandemic emergency measures, all collective activities such as

April 13, 2019

New Masjid updates

Alhamdullilah, Thanks to donation from our brother and sister all around the world, our new masjid had great progress. Please continue to support our masjid project. There still lots of work to be done.