April 13, 2019

Latest Iqama time

Starting last we our iqama time as follow: Fajr: 4:20 Dhur: 12:30 Asr: 15:40 Maghrib: 18:10 Isha: 20:30 Jumua: 12:10

January 26, 2019

New Masjid progress

Alhamdulillah, new Masjid Tsukuba basement work in progress. May Allah help us in building the house of Allah. Briefly, insya-Allah we just need only remaining 10 Million (14% of target), for main building. Please help us by continuously pray and donate.

January 05, 2019

Latest Iqama time

Assalamualaikum, starting today iqama times are changed as following: Fajr 5:45 Zhuhur 12:30 Asr 15:00 Maghrib 16:50 Isha 20:30 Jumua prayer as always, khutba start at 12:00 and salat at 12:30. Thank you.

December 30, 2018

New Masjid Progress

Alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah and thanks to efforts from all of out brothers and sister who donate and help this project, the basement work for new Masjid started. May Allah help us to finished this project. Since we still not meet our fund, please continue to donate.